Transition Committee and Co-chairs

Co-chairs: Dr. Omar Bah, Founder of the Refugee Dream Center; Victor Capellan, Former Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of Education; Cathy Lund, founder of City Kitty Veterinary Care for Cats; and Tiana Ochoa, VP of Programs and Director of Head Start at Children’s Friend.

The members of the transition committee include:

  • Vicki Almeida 
  • Napoleon Askie
  • Sybil Bailey
  • Beth Bixby
  • Deborah Brayton 
  • Frank Cabrera 
  • Channavy Chhay
  • Nick Cicchitelli
  • Ron Coia 
  • Jordan Day 
  • Carlos Diaz
  • Jenn Fondeur
  • PJ Fox
  • Joanne Giannini
  • Ramon Guzman 
  • Courtney Hawkins 
  • Melissa Hughes 
  • Leah Metts Williams 
  • Pilar McCloud
  • Arnell Millhouse 
  • Tania Quezada  
  • Anthony Santurri
  • Jenn Steinfeld 
  • Tony Simon 
  • Michael Solomon 
  • Allen Williams
  • Cliff Wood 
  • Georgina Weeks

This focused transition process will concentrate specifically on how the City of Providence can improve educational outcomes, increase community safety and provide high-quality city services for every neighbor and business. The campaign also announced the formation of a transition committee that includes local community members, policy experts and small business owners. The committee will be charged with engaging the community on specific policy topics, communicating about the transition and supporting the inauguration activities. Both groups will meet during November and December.